Wednesday, April 06, 2005

That first entry...

Naturally, I start this when I really should be in bed.

There are a million people or more trying to see the body of the Pope. Fingernails scraping along the edge of the cliff, hanging on to that last shred of decency, if you ask me.

If the ACLU, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Michael Moore, Al Franken and their pals are on the correct path, the next Pope should definitely be:
  • Gay if not 'trans-gendered'
  • an enviromentalist activist
  • anti-American
  • an atheist
  • Well, maybe not atheist but definitely anti-Christian. After all, Christians are an intolerant bunch of bigots.

And those people ARE right, aren't they?

Rob Thomas has a new single out, can't remember the name of it. All I know is that this guy who just wooed the women of the world with his vocal on Santana's "Smooth" has gone Backstreet Boy on us. If I hadn't seen the video first, I would have thought New Kids On The Block had made a comeback record. What the? Wasn't Rob supposed to be a rocker?

Ever been up really late at night and seen the infomercial for "Esteban" and his amazing guitar/amp combo? That's some great TV. I always wondered just how great that guitar really is... well, I saw one in a pawn shop the other day. You know how makeup and lights make haggard movie stars look gorgeous? Well, darned if it doesn't work for guitars, too! That's the crappiest excuse for a musical instrument I've ever seen. That guy should be in jail. Going on and on about the quality craftsmanship (can a robot in Taiwan have 'craftsmanship'?).

Those George Foreman grills are pretty cool. My folks got me the little one a couple of years ago for Christmas and I use it all the time. The newer ones even have removeable grill plates to make it easier to clean. Get one. Really.

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jack42 said...

wow, your first post. May it not be your last. May your grill not wear out. And may the conservatives be more interested in doing right than being right.