Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Blahs

So, it's Monday.
And it feels like a Monday.

The news of the day is depressing, the UK is claiming that we (the US) started the mess in Iran by trying to seize some high-up security guys in a covert raid (we didn't get them - haven't we figured out yet that when we take helicopters into Iran, bad things happen? They could have asked Jimmy Carter...) and Iran has retaliated by seizing the British Navy Sailors and Marines. Great.

Also, I see that nearly everyone running for President is raising RECORD amounts of money, especially dear old Hillary. But wait! What about the constant whining from Democrats about how bad the economy is? I thought everyone was broke! The evil rich people are getting tax cuts while "working families" (someone define that, would ya?) are starving! Guess those tax cuts are working for the very same Anti-Bush, anti-tax-cut morons who are giving HUGE amounts of money to someone who will raise their taxes!

Not to mention, if the Dems have their way, we are in for the LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN US HISTORY. But, fear not... somehow "working families" must benefit, right? I mean, surely the tax increase is only on rich white male Republicans. Oh, wait... it's going to affect everyone? Wow, I thought Democrats were "fighting for working families"... I mean, that's what I've heard for the past 20 years or so... it must be true! Alas, the tax increases will increase the marriage penalty (that doesn't seem "pro-family"), lower the child tax credit (wow, that doesn't seem "pro-family"), increase the death tax (only a democrat would try to get more money out of a dead person), and raise marginal rates, capital gains rates, and dividend rates. Wonderful! If anything can reverse the incredible economic growth we've seen over the last 15 quarters, the unbelievably low unemployment rate (check the numbers!), job growth, investment growth, and stock market gains, a big fat tax increase, compliments of the "I feel your pain (but let me REALLY MAKE IT HURT)" party will!

But, I digress. Washington is messed up on both sides of the aisle, up in the White House AND at the Supreme Court. Why would I be surprised at the idiocy of the newly elected jerks. I guess Economics 101 and the success of ALL previous tax cuts (by JFK, Reagan, and Bush) are just too hard to learn from.

So, I can't wait to get out of here (still at work), get back in the car and listen to "The Doorpost Songs" - that will fix my mood in a hurry. Thank goodness I was at the church today and was able to pick up a new copy (I keep giving it away!).

Monday. Who needs it.


Mark said...

How did I not know you had a blog...such mystery. Hope you're having a fab time with the fam. Happy Easter!

Rebecca said...

BTW, that last comment wasn't actually from Mark, it was from in...Rebekistan! I'm using my friend's hubby's laptop.