Saturday, February 16, 2008

Random Political Thoughts

If we're at nearly full employment, and we "must" have illegals here to "do the jobs Americans will not do", why is Barack Obama talking about creating programs to create up to 7 million more jobs? Who's gonna do them?

In 2000, Hillary Clinton decried our electoral college method of electing a president, saying that the winner of the popular vote should be the president. Now, she's carefully calculating how to win more delegates (and "Super Delegates" - what an evil moronic concept!) even if Barack Obama wins more actual primary/caucus votes. Ah, Clintonian hypocrisy. I'd almost forgotten how underhanded these people are.

Congress continues to hold hearings about steroid use in baseball. We're about to reach 4,000 dead in the War on Terror. Priorities, anyone?

Hillary is being held up as some sort of feminist role model, claiming she's been working for 35 years to empower and fight for women... except, of course, for the ones who had "liaisons" with her husband. Ah, Clintonian hyp... wait, I am repeating myself.

I don't look forward to casting a vote this upcoming election. The choice truly will be the lesser of two evils. How McCain went from an also-ran to front-runner on the Republican side baffles (and worries) me. And either of the two Democratic possibilities scares me to death. Marxist-Stalinists both, they'll be doing everything they can to rush us towards Socialism, which has failed 100% anywhere it's been tried.

I think the real, deep-down, reason so many people hate George W. Bush is his inability to orate. Conversely, Obama's speech-giving prowess is the reason so many have been mesmerized into thinking he's something special.

Barack Obama claims that he is "no longer a Muslim". Islam dictates that apostasy be dealt with by death. So, do we want a president who will be under a Fatwah? It will be the "duty" of some "good Muslim" to assassinate him. And from what I've seen, the Islamists take that sort of thing seriously. They've cut heads off for less.