Friday, April 04, 2008

Can We Clone Brooke?

I don't really watch much of "American Idol", unless it's the very early audition shows where the deluded come to be humiliated. However, this season, there's someone on the show that just stands out, at least to me.
That person is Brooke White. Finally, a true light in the darkness. In this otherwise inane excuse for entertainment, this lady exudes humility, perseverance, class and dignity. I believe she's a Mormon, but I'm gonna have to let that slide for the moment. Musically speaking, she's got a bit of a "throwback" vibe, more like a Carole King than a Britney Spears (and yes, that is a GOOD thing). The sheer joy that just bursts from her countenance (that's her face for you public school dropouts) when she sings is infectious and genuine. Her responses to the judges are always unfazed, calm and imbued with an understated confidence and comfort in her own skin.
I say her husband is a lucky man!
I don't have any idea if she'll win (although I think she may be the last female standing), but I thank Fox and the voting viewers (so far) for letting us see someone on TV that we can point to and say to our kids "That's how you should act". Rare, indeed.

Umm, I reserve the right to recant this post if naughty pictures of Brooke show up on the internet... or if she gets indicted for running a dogfighting ring... or if it turns out that she drinks bear bile as a health tonic.

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