Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Careful What You Hope For

Well, I just finished watching Obama's acceptance speech. We've got us a new President!
I'm certainly not surprised.

So, we've just elected a guy who, on the positive side, is the first mixed-race President.
However, this is also a guy who has stated that he felt that the Warren court wasn't radical enough, didn't address the subject of wealth redistribution. It's a guy who, in a rare moment of candor, told a guy that "spreading the wealth around" was his intention. A guy who has said we need a civilian national security force equal to the military. A guy who has lined up behind gun ban legislation at every turn. A guy who thinks sitting down and having conversations with lunatic dictators is the right way to pursue diplomacy. A guy who intends (in his own words) to bankrupt the coal industry. A guy who expects us to believe that he sat in the pew of an anti-american, anti-white church for over 20 years but doesn't embrace the theology of its pastor (a man so inspiring to him that the title of Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope" is from one of Wright's sermons). A guy who cozied up to a well known 60's radical terrorist to launch his own political ambitions, trying to say that somehow he really had nothing to do with the guy.

Oh, "change". "Hope".

Well, as he said tonight, "Change has come to America". I pray that it's not what he actually says he wants to do, because even you kool-aid drinkers will be horrified if and when he shuts down talk radio, silences opposition, takes guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, reaches DEEP into your pocket to "spread the wealth around", and forms his own private army to enforce whatever he deems necessary.

Do I think he'll actually be able to pull all of that off? Well, I would love to say "of course not". After all, the President can't just do what he wants. There's always congress... Oh wait... it's in Democrat hands as well. Not to mention that we could see two more Supreme Court justices retire very soon, as they are ancient. You think Obama will put in strict constructionists? Judges who won't impose their agenda via their decisions?

When your taxes go up, when you have to turn in your gun, when you have to look over your shoulder before having a candid conversation lest you break speech codes, when the government (imagine the horror) takes over the health care industry, when your electricity bill skyrockets, when you start having to pay carbon offset taxes...

Maybe then you'll wonder "what was I thinking?". Of course, by then it will be too late.

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jack42 said...


Well, my hope is not in any one but the only One Who can inspire true hope.

But it still sucks.