Friday, April 03, 2009


Steel Life from Mathieu Gérard on Vimeo.

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Mathieu Gérard created “Steel Life” for his master thesis at Arts et Technologies de l’Image. There isn’t really a tangible narrative to the film. It is more a work of abstract realism utilizing imagery inspired by nature.

The soundtrack, composed by Mathieu Alvado and performed by the Star Pop Orchestra, is really amazing and does a lot of work to create a really compellingly grand sense of scope and drama. As an abstract piece, it is really beautiful.

I have nothing to add - just thought you should see this!


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jana said...

A long evening doing a lot of googling landed me on your blog. Nice job. Loved the video post.

I think I knew you from Confetti in ATL. I was Jana the cat and you made me a really cool name tag to wear while slinging cocktails.

Could this be THE Clay?

claymonster said...

Jana! Yep, it is me. You have to give me your contact info! I've got a bunch of pics from back in the day on facebook... great to hear from you! (remove the dashes - trying to avoid a live link)