Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Everything That's Wrong With America

Cynthia McKinney.

OH, maybe I should elaborate. She's the congresswoman who, upon trying to rush by Capitol security with no credentials and no Congressional pin, was asked several times by security to stop. When she didn't (as I'm sure occurred on a daily basis) acknowledge the security officers at all and kept on going, the security officer touched her arm or shoulder to emphasize the fact that he needed her to stop and show some ID. Her response? No, she didn't say "Oh, sorry, I just assumed you'd recognize me", "Oh, I didn't realize you were talking to me" or even "Jeez! OK, here's my ID"... No, she whirled and slugged the guy.
Now, instead of apologies, she and many willing idiots (Danny Glover, Harry Belefonte, etc.) are out saying she's a victim of "Being in Congress while Black" - see, it's a racial thing.
Of course it is. The only person being persecuted due to his race is the Capitol Police officer who happens to be white.
Haven't the Democrats been bending over backwards to prove that they are "tough on security"? Look no further than this example - they are still the party of victimhood and race-baiting, just as they have been ever since they realized that they couldn't maintain the segregationist policies of the Jim Crow era (please remember, it was the Democrats fighting all Civil rights legislation). So, rather than appreciating the brave and (I suspect) underpaid officers for doing a fine job keeping members of congress safe, she's out beating the "Whitey has his foot on my neck" drum (remember, in 1998 two such officers gave their lives in the line of duty when someone tried to waltz past a security checkpoint and began firing a gun in the lobby).
With people like this in the halls of power, is it any wonder why race relations continue to be a scab that just won't be allowed to heal? Pick, pick, pick...


jack42 said...

I must disagree with you. It's not everything that's wrong in America.

It certainly points in the right direction (or is that left?), but perhaps there are a few more points that could be made in the litany of things wrong with America.

Stephanie said...

Clay! Your rants are intense, I wish I was bright enough to blog about something smart like you!

But what I REALLY want to know is, why haven't you visited my poor white trash blog? I'm getting all jealous of all the love you're putting down on my sisters. What's the deal???