Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What Part of "Illegal" Don't You Understand?

"Sí se puede" - Yes, we can... Ummmm you can what?
I am not surprised, however sad that is, that hundreds of thousands of Latinos took to the streets to protest against immigration reforms that would make being in this country illegally a felony. It's already against the law, but it's a civil offense, and our politically correct politicians, lobbied heavily by construction, restaurant, and agriculture interests have pretty much been looking the other way for decades.
Now, the illegals have the misguided idea that somehow they are supposed to be allowed to be here indefinitely - like it is an unalienable right. The thought that we might pass a law with teeth is scaring... who, exactly? The illegals? They are already illegal! How dare we enforce or stiffen our laws.
It doesn't help that some of our own elected officials can't draw the distinction between a legal immigrant and an illegal alien. Senator Diane Feinstein, no genius on any level, actually called them "good citizens" today. Someone drag that woman to a civics 101 class! She's ostensibly representing half of California!! OH wait, half of California is illegal aliens. I forgot.
The idea that actually enforcing our laws is somehow "unfair" or "racist" or "backward" in this day and age of ballooning deficits, a war, and hospitals going bankrupt everywhere illegals are is the perhaps the most stupid idea since "hate crimes".
If you're illegal, you're illegal. Period. If you get caught, you should be thrown OUT. Not in a prison where taxpayers feed, clothe and shelter you. Back to Mexico. The great country that you pour into the streets to chant the name of. The one you carry flags for on Cinco de Mayo. The one whose language you refuse to quit speaking. If it's so great, why'd you leave? If you came here "for a better life for your family", what a great example you set by sneaking in illegally. It's just easier to sneak in (since we won't do anything to stop you) than it is to go through the legal process. Wow. Such perserverance. Touching.
Now, we'll get to watch endless Democrats bluster on about "fairness", "compassion", "understanding" etc. Why? Pandering for the Hispanic vote, of course. Hopefully it will backfire. A lot of Latinos voted Republican in the last election because they are (supposedly) tougher on illegal immigration. Why should they go through all the hard work to actually become a citizen and then all these leeches come through the easy way?
This country is doomed unless people start throwing out encumbent "lifelong" congressmen, and actually hold elected officials to what they promised in their campaigns. And since that won't happen, well, we're doomed.


jack42 said...

Acknowledged and agreed.

Remember, this mentality is also the one that said withdrawing funds in hospitals for illegal aliens was UNCONSTITUTIONAL. (This was in California.) How can non-citizens be covered by the Constitution?

Or maybe we're just taking our cues from France and other European nations? Notice how well they've done with their legal immigrants and forget the illegal ones.

Hayley said...

I agree. I personally think that we should have been gathering up all the illegals (while they stood in the streets, causing all of the traffic jams) and booted them back to their own country.