Sunday, August 13, 2006

'Easy' Doesn't Enter Into Grown Up LIfe

That's a quote from Michael Caine in "The Weatherman". And, I believe it's true. No one ever promised anyone anything easy (well, except for some infomercials and televangelists... and communist dictators... and... OK, people promise easy all the time!).
I guess that line jumped out at me as I half-watched, bleary-eyed, the movie a couple of days ago. Overtired, but can't sleep, too many things to do, but not getting them done... great fun.
There's a HUGE happy occasion on the horizon, my parent's 50th Anniversary (8/19), and being able to look forward to that is making the current pile of crap that is my worklife easier to bear. We've had someone quit, and his workload has been "democratically" spread amongst the rest of us. That's just dandy. I already have too much on my plate for one person and have been filling 1-1/2 to 2 job positions for the last 2 years. Hey, what's one more responsibility? I'm sure it will all translate into more compensation -- NOT.
At this point, I hope that we "get over this current hump" (something we've been saying pretty much every week for 6 years now) and life will resume some semblance of normalcy.
And, it ain't just work. I try, when I can, to volunteer with things at church, mostly Sound/Light/Video stuff since that is where my skills lie. I will refrain from the details of the latest escapade, because I can't find the positive spin on it and don't want to blast away at our leadership. I guess people are people, no matter in what walk of life, and being in church leadership does not automatically mean you'll have common sense or take people's physical/emotional well-being into account when you come up with grand plans.
I guess there's one other thing that has made the last few months kind of crappy: The idea that I might (just MIGHT) be interested in someone -- for the first time in probably 4 years... and she (is there any other way) had JUST decided to go 'exclusive' with some guy she'd started dating online. I suppose God intends for some people to remain single, but if I'm one of those people, I sure wish He would give me some peace about it. It screams in opposition to the fiber of my being. I know I'm dealing with consequences of stupid choices made earlier in my life, and I suppose the possibility exists that I'll never get an answer. Shit. 'Easy' doesn't enter into grown up life.

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jack42 said...

That's a lot of stuff! Ever try narrowing your post down in topic so it would be easy for us to comment on things? <VBEG>

I'm happy you're getting to go to your parents for their 50th Anniversary. That is quite the accomplishment, especially in today's world where people can't make it 5 years!

Work just hoovers immensely. That's why they call it work. Right along with "easy" at work is also "fair". It's amazing how the powers that be can always find a reason why things can't go back to an easier time, why we can't try a new way (usually because of inertia).

I shan't comment on the church stuff, either; you know my thoughts (or at least I think I've told you). Anyway, I share your frustration in this endeavor, though I'll just be a participant in the fruits of your labors. I have no sweat equity in the deal. I prayed a couple of times, but that's about the extent.

Considering a person. What must that be like? It's been so long for me. Mostly, I just ignore the beginnings of any such thoughts, stuff them so deep until they could form diamonds were they coal, and then strangle them horrifically until there's no chance of recovery. On this topic, I'm afraid, I have not even a trite remark. I'm sensitive to your plight because you're like a brother to me (or at least what I would like a brother to be like), but I have no real frame of reference.