Saturday, September 16, 2006

Note to Muslims: Learn the Definition of "Irony"

So, the Pope reads a quote from a 14th century Byzantine Emperor that says (and I'm paraphrasing) "Show me anything new that Mohammed brought us. You'll find only evil, including conversion by sword to the faith he preaches."
So what do "modern" muslims do? Engage in a debate about the dearth of inventions, literature, art, contributions to medicine, etc. from Islamic lands over the past several centuries? Challenge the "medieval" notion that Islam is violent with examples to the contrary? Laugh at the foolishness of an old man?
No, they protest wildly in the streets, burn things, fire off guns and attack churches.
(A side note: Don't these idiots have jobs? How is it that they are always available to protest in furious numbers at the slightest "offense" against their prophet or their religion? I'm sure the Huffington Post readers or Rosie O'Donnells of the world would say they are unemployed because of George W. Bush, since every malaise worldwide, past, present or future is somehow traceable to his administration.
I'd say they've got so much time on their hands because they are not contributing to literature, art, science, industry, or anything else.)

When you're offended by people saying you're worthless, ignorant, and violent... perhaps ignorant, worthless displays of violence aren't exactly bolstering your argument.

PS: Why don't the gun control freaks in this country ever mention the random, wanton firing of automatic weapons out in the streets of these peaceful hamlets while women and children are outside? Are burkas bulletproof? Do Islamic bullets continue heavenward in their peaceful arc, never returning to earth? How is it that hunters, sportsmen, and people who want to protect their families and property from crime are ridiculed as ignorant rednecks (or worse: Republicans), but maniacs in the streets of populated areas firing indiscriminately are merely "disenfranchised", or "righteously outraged", "misunderstood" people? Silly me, I forgot: the gun control freaks are liberals. Nothing has to make any sense, it just has to make them feel superior.

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