Sunday, February 25, 2007

America The Beautiful (or is that Ugly?)

So, there's this way cool, "Film Independent's Spirit Awards" show. Oh yes, let's get together and celebrate the "real" films, the independent films that fly under "Big Hollywood's" radar. Let's gather up a bunch of hip, cool directors, actors and producers of such films. Let's have them deliver the corny award presentations. So far, I'm OK with all of this... I tend to enjoy independent films more than the big studio releases (even though I love the megabucks special effects of the big boys).

Anyway, what does any of this have to do with America? Or politics?

Well, one of the hip, cool presenters this year was America Ferrara (star of the TV sitcom "Ugly Betty" and the independent film "Real Women Have Curves"). Now, here is a lovely latina (ironically portraying an 'ugly' character on tv - why didn't they have the cajones to cast someone actually unattractive?), whose parents named her "America"... succeeding wildly in America... bashing our President and minimizing the freedoms that she and all of us enjoy in America!!

Her comment was that America will be the land of the free once Bush leaves office (or at least I think that's what she meant... she said "it will be again in 2008"... Bush won't leave office until 2009).

Sure, she was probably only pandering to the all-too-eager Bush-hating left that dominates the film industry. Sure, she didn't think it was anything but a funny little comment. But for pete's sake, here's a triple minority (in Hollywood, anyway): Female, Latina, "curvy" (read: not anorexically thin). AND SHE'S SUCCEEDING IN AMERICA. Succeeding beyond the wildest dreams of 'normal' Americans. And yet, America isn't the land of the free? There's a baseball bat with her forehead's name on it somewhere. When will this"Winner of life's lottery" (some ridiculous Democrat's words, not mine) ever realize that she, were it NOT for our freedoms, fiercely defended by people such as George W. Bush & our entire military, might well be illiterate, oppressed, right-less, status-less, and unprotected from discrimination, degradation, and even violence?!

Unbelievable. Now, I don't know why miss America's parents named her "America". However, I would wager it was in gratitude for all this country has afforded them. If I'm right, then she has not only spit in the face of our commander-in-chief and the armed forces he commands, all of those who have DIED defending her right to be an idiot... she's also spit in the face of her parents. For someone who stars in a show that puts family above all, this is the worst kind of irony. Boo, traveling pants girl, boo.

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