Sunday, February 25, 2007

Should We Kill James Cameron?

According to a Discovery article, famed filmmaker James Cameron claims that he has discovered the tomb of Jesus Christ. Not an empty tomb, mind you -- a family tomb with bodies.

Now, I'll leave the reading of the article to you.

The implications, of course, should this "prove" to be the real tomb of Jesus, complete with body, would pretty much negate Christianity (for those of you who don't know, Christ's resurrection is the cornerstone of our belief).

So, here's my point. Are Christians mobbing the streets of (insert any city here), demanding that James Cameron be put to death? Have the "streets run with blood"? Has anyone issued a, err... umm (what's an English word for Fatwa?) against Mr. Cameron and his associates? After all, here's a guy who basically has come out announcing that he has proof that believers in Christ are at deceived, followers of Christ are liars, and blaspheming the name of Jesus by indicating that He is not who He claimed to be.

Umm... no.

Why not? I don't think I'll go down the list of reasons why not. Suffice it to say, that in contrast with another religion dominating the news these days, the one who calls a murdering homicide bomber a "martyr", the one who burns down buildings and carries out death threats against cartoonists and their employers who dare to "make an image of" their prophet, the one who sees no problem with an "honor killing" by a male against his own sister, wife, or mother, the one who says to convert by the sword... well, we are commanded to love our enemy, pray for and endeavor to reach the unsaved, and are to leave vengeance to the Lord God Himself.

So, you probably won't see much outrage directed at James Cameron. I will, however, bet that the National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, or a Peter Jennings or Tom Brokaw "special report" will give this "discovery" a lot of airtime, trying to call into question the fact of The Resurrection. I base this on the breathless reporting of the "Gospel of Judas" and the avalanche of programming based around "The DaVinci Code".

Funny, I can't recall seeing the special that looks at the historical Mohammed. The likely epileptic. The bloodthirsty conqueror. The "do as I say, not as I do" leader of a ridiculously oppressive, dogmatic religion worshipping a deity that was a minor moon god in Mecca until Mohammed decided to elevate him to Supreme status when starting his religion. OH wait. That will get you into trouble. And it might offend.
And offended Muslims have: put a knife in the heart of Theo Van Gogh, shot up Jewish Community Centers, flown planes into skyscrapers and government buildings, murdered millions in the name of their god, blown up thousands of innocents in Israel, Indonesia, Egypt, (Oh man, this list gets long...), kidnapped and beheaded "infidels" who dared try to rebuild Iraq, torched and defiled the bodies of US servicemen, hung more burned bodies of contractors from bridges in Fallujah...

So... I guess James Cameron is lucky he didn't discover, for instance, some of the original 'scribbled down' bits of rantings eventually compiled into the Koran (since it would disprove the tenet that it was handed down, 100% complete, to Mohammed), eh?

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jack42 said...

wouldn't the English word for "fatwa" be "jihad"?