Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hiding Behind the Skirt of Mommy... err, Wifey

It's only June (well, July once I finish this, perhaps) of 2007 yet the talk radio shows, news programs, "debate shows" (or whatever you call the "two-sides-of-an-issue-yelling-
at-each-other-with-no-resolution" shows) and opinion info-tainment shows seem to be obsessed with the presidential race. OH wait, that's because the candidates are already full steam ahead. I suppose if I had the energy or desire to go check the records, it may be that this isn't ridiculously early to be diving into the circus that is our electoral process, but it sure seems like we're a long ways out.
Anyway, I have a bone to pick with the lone "good hair" candidate on the Democrat side, John Edwards. Some months ago, I blogged about Ann Coulter and her now infamous "the other f-word" remark (post here). She was making an attempt at a joke shortly after the Isiah Washington debacle (and see how that turned out!). Anyway, after that, the Edwards camp used her "hate speech" (hey, didn't I talk about that, too?) to raise money for his campaign.
Well, fast forward a little and you may recall that Mr. Edwards was too much of a sissy to attend a debate hosted by Fox News (along with other "D" candidates). Apparently the abject fear of hard questions (and not completely controlling the debate) was just too much. Boo hoo. Didn't the Republicans appear on MSNBC? Hmmm...
Now, just the other night, Ann Coulter actually appeared on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews. This showed a lot of spunk, but Ann realizes that any publicity may help sell books, of which she has penned several best-sellers. Now, while she is smartly parrying with the manic Matthews, a "spontaneous" call comes in (it wasn't a call-in show, and no one else called in... so you think it was really spontaneous? Ha!). Who is it on the line? John Edwards, Ann's "arch enemy" and "victim" of her "personal attacks"? No, it's his wife, Elizabeth. HUH? The WIFE of the candidate? What the heck is that? So, Elizabeth goes into this long-winded explanation of how she wants to take this opportunity to "politely ask" Ann to "Stop it with the personal attacks". Apparently the only people allowed to make personal attacks are Democrats in Congress (e.g. John Murtha), Left-wing TV hosts (e.g. Bill Maher), and Hollywood liberals (e.g. Spike Lee). Ann reminded Mrs. Edwards that they are making money due to her so-called attack, and defended her (now three year old) column about Edwards using the tragedy of his son's death for political points. None of this matters, of course, Ann isn't in Congress or running for office.
What kills me though, is that Mrs. Edwards actually blamed Ann and others (all conservatives, of course) for the dwindling percentage of voters!! Here's the coffee, lady, SMELL IT. People are fed up with OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, not talk radio or Fox News. Congress' approval rating is at 14%!!! I think people are fed up with hypocrisy, lies and inaction, not shrill commentators.
One other point -- why didn't sissy John have the stones to call in and confront Ann? Sending your cancer-stricken wife to do your dirty work is the lowest and weakest thing I think I've ever seen from someone who actually considers himself fit to lead the last Superpower on Earth. Even when Ann is sitting in the lion's den, taking the best Matthews could dish out with her usual sarcastic (but truthful) wit. I especially enjoyed it when Mrs. Edwards said "...I want to use the opportunity, which I don‘t get much, because Ann and I don‘t hang out with the same people..." to which Ann snuck in "I don't have enough money" -- Brilliant.
Folks, you could lock up Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, and any other famous conservative with a microphone, and guess what -- Congress would still suck. People will still be fed up. If the "mean-spirited" (read: not mouthpieces for the left) talkers are silenced, that won't change the fact that the "new era of responsibility" that was supposed to be realized when the Democrats took control has simply NOT happened. More earmarks, another pay raise (what, you didn't hear about that?), more attempts to bilk us out of our money, and a ridiculous bill on illegal immigration are what is turning people off.
I weep for the future of this country. I really do.

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jack42 said...

14% approval rating? Worst. Congress. Ever. Where is Bush's rating? Obviously, Congress couldn't be as bad as Bush, so his must be lower? (I really don't know.)

Something else the "wifey" did was go on record supporting gay marriage, etc., indicating that John fully supports this, too. So in case of backlash, "I didn't say that -- my wife did." But he's not currently denying it (not that I keep up with the campaign a whole lot).

So which party will be the first to truly reject Christianity? Perhaps the first that rejects Israel, too.