Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Shady People

Good grief.As if there aren't any real issues out there to get all hot & bothered about. Now some busybody has decided that humans take too much of the sun's energy (which, of course, deprives other species of this horribly limited resource). I'm scared!
Now, if there were some way to predict that the sun, after disappearing during the time we call "night" would come back again, perhaps we could relax a little. But until that happens, I'm afraid that our greed in utilizing what could be the last known rays of light and energy may, at any time, doom us all.
By the way, I hope you aren't drinking water, because the fish need it to swim in. You greedy human, you.

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jack42 said...

Where's my "You're using up my oxygen!" tee?

Didn't you know that humans were merely a virus on the face of planet Earth? My thought is that those who truly believe that should just off themselves; otherwise, they're just hypocrites. I mean, what is the point of that belief and the ultimate goal if not the extermination of the human race?