Monday, July 14, 2008

Whar'dem English Blogs?

Sometimes when I have a few minutes (and think about doing it), I will hit a blog on Blogger and start clicking "Next Blog" to randomly check out other blogs. I'm sure it is a national pastime only surpassed by googling the Jonas Brothers. Anyway... Increasingly, it seems, the blogs that come up are in other languages. Mostly Spanish, although I have recognized French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Polish, and New England.
As Blogger is a global thing, I suppose this should be no surprise, but since I can't read those other languages, it would be nice if there were a language preference when it comes to the "next blog" feature. Of course, then it wouldn't be random, and I wouldn't have the amusing task of figuring out why, on an Arabic blog with a profile shot of Ahmedinejad and the Ayatollah Khomeini (if I misspelled 'em, too bad), there's an entry with a picture of a sheep amongst the other entries that seem to be military/political in nature. People do post photos of their girlfriends quite often, so I suppose that's one possibility. Of course the lamb also in the photo leads me to believe that the author may be baaa-aaaby daaa-aaady too.

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