Monday, August 25, 2008

Demovention: Monday

Oh, man.
The dems are hitting the "the same failed republican policies" line mighty hard at the convention.
I'm typing to keep from getting enraged.

They are showing a short film showing "the lessons learned" from Katrina.
NO mention of the city and state government (democrats) blowing it. Only blaming George Bush.
Jimmy Carter is narrating/starring in this film. He actually said that "the federal government couldn't take care of its own people" -- since when does the federal government take care of us? It's not only not their job, it's illegal. He's talking about how we saw that there were so many impoverished people, mostly african-american... well, how could THAT be in a city and state under democrat control for generations? Why, Jimmy just said that the Democrats are the party for ordinary citizens... look at your own movie, ya moron! The Democrats created huge ghettos in flood-prone areas... Oh yeah, and siphoned off all the money meant to maintain the levees. But it's George Bush's fault because he didn't... umm, what, call God on the phone and ask if he'd send Moses down to part the Mississippi?

Nancy Pelosi, in her speech actually said "we need a president who recognizes that health care is a right, not a privilege." Really? a RIGHT? I have a RIGHT to health care? By that logic, I have a right to groceries, a house, and clothes (since food, clothing and shelter are the true basic necessities, eh?). Where's my free house? My free food? My free threads?

They just played a sound bite from Barack saying that the most important thing to him is his family. Well, Mr. Multimillionaire, let's tell that to your brother in Kenya living in a tin shack.

Oh geez. A half-sister of Barack's is going on about nothing in particular and they just got a camera shot of some college-age girl in the audience wiping away a tear. I think I'm going to puke.

Wow, that's something, she just said that her students (she's a history teacher and has taught in both NY and HI) -- they've never traveled beyond their own neighborhoods because they "were afraid they'd be treated as an outsider"... HUH? What a load of crap.

heeeree we go... Jesse Jackson jr. is pulling the "Dr. King is looking down on us..." hmmm... and he just said that Barack Obama would be nominated to be the president of the United States... no Jesse, he'll be nominated to be the party's candidate. He still has to get elected.
OK he's calming down a little now.. I'll give him props for a nice riff on "the well-being of the 'we' depends upon the well-being of the 'he' and the 'she'..."I guess he's taking the rhyming cue from daddy.
This guy, if he can shake the stigma of being jesse jackson's son, may rise pretty high... he's got the look and the speechifying skills like obama... and apparently that's all it takes!

weird. I guess CSPAN isn't allowed to show the entertainers. Soemeone (can't tell if it's actually Lenny Kravitz or not) just performed "Are you gonna go my way" and they never showed the performer at all. Just really old people trying to sway to the beat. Wow. I thought it was Republicans that weren't supposed to have rhythm. I wonder what this break is all about? Let's see, this has to be some sort of "house band".

Hey, Spike Lee's in the crowd. Is he a delegate? Or does he think he's at a Knicks/Nuggets game?

meh. this is pretty much what I expected. I'm turning it off. Oh, wait, what's this... Working families, living wage, health care, retirement ALL in the same sentence from some union stiff. Nice. The "working families" can't afford 4 more years of the same failed policies... this is so ridiculous.

Hey, this new reality show looks like fun bunch of city folk on a boat... better than speeches from blowhard politicians any day.

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