Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm catching up on my bloggin'... can you tell?

Muslims are trying to take over France.

Extreme statement? Nah. Once you've claimed a land for Allah, if you ever lose it, you are required to take it back. So it's been a few hundred years. The poor, "disenfranchised" (I really don't like that word, sounds like someone took your Taco Bell) youth are rioting, burning cars & shops, shooting at police in an organized fashion... and for what? Because they are "tired of being discriminated against"? That might be what the press is saying, but wake up and smell the Opium. The Muslims have been burning synagogues, Kosher delis, and other Jewish-owned businesses for years in and around Paris (and other European cities). But, hey, it was just the Jews getting it. No one likes them, anyway, right? At least not in our enlightened, secular Paris! Only now that regular Parisians are losing their Renaults to molotov cocktails is it a problem. Too late, Frogs! You should have put down the uprising the minute it started. A curfew, shoot-to-kill orders with Marines (do the French have Marines?) patrolling the streets... it would have stopped in one night. By the way, to any would-be hoodlums out there, don't go into electrical substations. The signs that say "Danger: High Voltage" are there for a reason. Morons. But I digress.
Radical Islam (and I am not so sure the word "radical" really needs to be there) is bent on world domination. It's in their holy book, it's preached (indoctrinated) to them from birth, and the evidence is so blatant that only the worst type of coward would dare couch this as "unrest". They're learning that terrorism works, they're not afraid to die, their religion gives them carte blanche (a French term! How apropos.. Wait, is that another one?) to "Slay the infidels where you may find them" (and conveniently, an 'infidel' is anyone who doesn't believe as you do! Won't be long before George Soros and Michael Moore start using the term for Republicans). What do you expect? Did you think that refusing to support the US invasion of Iraq would buy you some loyalty? Did you think your thinly veiled anti-semitism would keep your chalets safe? Do you really think Muslims are going to "live peacefully side by side" with ANYONE??? What do you think nearly all the major conflicts are about? It's Muslims who can't get along with their neighbors.
The Islamic curriculum in no particular order:
TEST: bomb a bunch of places in Israel. Women, children, worshipper, pizza-eaters, doesn't matter who. RESULT: The USA and other countries tell Israel not to retaliate. Israel listens. PASS.
TEST: bomb the World Trade Center, albeit fairly ineffectively. RESULT: Some people get arrested, no countries get turned into glass. INCOMPLETE.
TEST: Hijack a cruise ship. For fun, throw a crippled Jew overboard. RESULT: People help you escape justice. No countries get turned into glass. PASS.
TEST: Blow a hole in an American Destroyer in Yemen. RESULT: A handful of dead Americans, no countries get turned into glass. PASS.
TEST: Bomb a couple of American Embassies. RESULT: Somewhat of a body count, no countries get turned into glass. PASS.
TEST: Find a disgruntled American & help him take out a Federal building in Oklahoma City. RESULT: Horrific body count on American Soil. FBI/Justice Dept. cover up any and all leads dealing with "Middle Eastern men". Government lays all the blame on Timothy McVeigh and decries 'homegrown terrorism' and nearly demonizes (of all things) talk radio in the process! PASS. A++.
TEST: Burn down Jewish Synagogues and businesses in major European cities. RESULT: Nothing. PASS
TEST: Hijack several American Airliners, crash them into The World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and nearly... The White House? The Capitol building? Thank God we at least didn't find that out. RESULT: America decides to finally strike back. The despotic Theocratic lunatics of the Taliban are routed, Afghanistan is turned towards freedom and democracy. Depose Saddam Hussein, allow Iraq to come up with a Constitution and hold elections in the process. FAIL? Not so fast... test America's resolve. With the help of the international press and America's own enemies within, (that includes you, Cindy Sheehan) watch the stories of only the American body count become news. Ignore the opening of schools, the starting of new businesses, rights and education available to women for the first time in 40 years, power and water restored to hundreds of thousands, the end of the slaughter of political enemies both real and imagined. The end of gang rapes by the ruling party and its military. INCOMPLETE.
TEST: Right before an election, blow up some trains in Spain to spread misery and pain (sorry, had to do it). RESULT: Watch the cowardly appeaser get elected. PASS
TEST: Blow up some subways and a double-decker bus in London. RESULT: a pretty quick roundup of the ones who didn't die in the explosions... BUT watch the tide of appeasement grow! INCOMPLETE
TEST: Use any excuse to start rioting and destroying the self-made ghettos of Paris. Chant "Jihad!", fire up the idiots who are brainwashed into believing this is some sort of holy war. Use your text-message enabled cell phones (OH would Allah approve of this technology? I think not) to coordinate your riots. Shoot at the Police. Heck, even use an abandoned police station as your "molotov cocktail factory"(Irony, anyone?). Chant "We rule this place". RESULT: platitudes as the media stress the discrimination and the impoverished plight of.... Oh yeah, immigrants who refuse to assimilate into the culture of their new country. GEE, no wonder you aren't getting a job. SO FAR... PASS.

What's next? They're already chanting "this is our land" in Denmark... Germany is expecting a similar situation as Paris...

Europe, you gave your own continent away. France, you really blew it. Your idiotic immigration policies and greed for cheap servant labor allowed MILLIONS of people WHO HATE YOU AND WANT TO KILL YOU to move in next door. You have turned your back on God, closed your churches by the thousands, decided on a laissez-faire (OH, another one) attitude instead of nationalist pride, and strict policies on immigration (wow, am I yelling at the Eurotrash or my own President here?), and now that your churches are turning in to Mosques, who preach pure HATE in a foreign tongue (makes it easy for them to tell you they are preaching tolerance and peace, huh?), you are surprised at this latest outburst of violence? You let it happen right under your upturned noses. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see our military come in and save your Vichy asses once again, and that's what it will end up taking. Maybe this time we'll get a "merci" out of you.

'tis sad, indeed. If anyone still thinks that Islam is "a religion of peace" -- read some history. The FOUNDING and the tradition of Islam is soaked in blood. NOT the blood of martyrs, lest you start throwing around remarks about atrocities committed by madmen in the name of Christianity (who were clearly acting AGAINST the teachings of Christ). NO, this was the blood of the 'infidel', the ones whose crime was only not being a Muslim. Mohammed was a sick (epileptic) man who appropriated convenient traditions, places and even a god (the moon god, Allah) to create his own religion... conveniently put in "divine instruction" that anyone who spoke against Allah or his prophet should be put to death. Kind of puts the kaybosh on open and honest debate, huh? Oh yeah, and he conveniently added that Islam had to be the GOVERNMENT as well as the religion. Seems like the Liberals here in the US would be a little more leery of such a theocratic ideology, since they work really hard to make sure we have no acknowledgement of religion in any government building here! They sure are in love with all things Islam these days, even Oprah took it upon herself to have an "Islam 101" episode so we could all "understand" this peaceful religion. Oh, it's peaceful, all right. What could be more peaceful than hacking off the head of an innocent bystander with a dull knife, on videotape, while praising your god, claiming that what you're doing is commanded by the same? What could be more peaceful than targeting women and children OF YOUR OWN RELIGION along with your supposed enemy? What could be more peaceful than convincing the dim-witted that strapping a bomb to their chest will give them a free pass to heaven? What could be more peaceful than beating your wife at will, or killing your daughter or sister if she "shames" the family? I guess it's obvious that "Islam is peace". I just wasn't seeing it. Silly me.

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Stephanie said...

Wow. I don't even know where to begin on that rant, my dear. Can I just say you're super scary when discussing politics and theology?
With you, I'll stick to music and movies, I'm not touching 'current Affairs' with a 39 and 1/2 inch pole. hahaha