Monday, November 07, 2005

Wow. I drove through a shooting scene

So, I finally get out of work at about 7:45 tonight. Sadly, I am frustrated, afraid I'm not going to make it home in time for "Prison Break". Lame, I know. I am coming down Shepherd and there are a gazillion flashing lights at the intersection of Shepherd and 34th. What the...? Of course, I can't tell what's going on, there's an officer directing me to turn right on 34th (not a big deal, but I had intended on going straight). So I'm mildly perturbed until I realize that they are not tidying up after a "Houston Handshake" (a fender bender to the rest of the world... by the way, I just coined that term. You heard it here first!), because there are too many cruisers spread in 3 directions. I just cruised through, trying not to rubberneck -- didn't seem to be anything but police, no wrecked vehicles, no one getting cuffed, nothing on fire.
Well, I made it home in time to see Prison Break (just barely!). And when Prison Break was over, the local Fox news teaser says "Houston Police kill a woman after a chase" -- and it was what I had driven through an hour earlier. Actually the shooting occurred some hours previous and I drove through the investigation site. Creepy story so far. You just don't hear many stories about (a) DPS employees getting into dust-ups with the police, (b) women weilding guns, (c) Police shooting women, but the wierdest of all -- the woman got shot while pointing the gun at... her SISTER!! What the...? Apparently the sister was in the passenger seat of this pickup (which, by the way had come to a stop in an abandoned Texaco station parking lot after the police had thrown out tire spikes), threw a 9mm pistol out the window... and the driver got out of the truck, ran around to the gun, picked it up and began pointing it at her sister! That's when "officers discharged their weapons" (euphemisms provided by the Houston Police Department). Strange, sad, and... HEY, when is someone going to reopen that gas station? It was the closest one to work!

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